OLMAS Massage centre in Belgrade was selected annually by an international jury as the BEST MASSAGE PLACE IN BELGRADE AND IN SERBIA

We are the leading massage place in Belgrade and Serbia. OLIMAS offers over 30  reasonably priced massages ranging from Swedish to shiatsu, from relax to sport, from chocolate to honey massage, from duo to king massage...

Special  treatments for back pain and anti cellulite treatments

OLIMAS Beauty Point International salon for professional massage opened at
the end of the year 2009. OLIMAS salon is especially designed so clients
feel relaxed as soon as they walk in. Every room was thought up by the
famous Viennese architect Violeta Salhofer, so by simply entering the salon,
you will enter a world free of stress, fatigue and pain.

OLIMAS masseuses are highly trained physiotherapists who's skills show
excellent results with clients. OLIMAS salon has in its possession all the
necessary professional equipment. Massages are done on massage tables,
massage chairs and mats. Pleasant sounds of music and the scent of aromatic
candles will contribute to your full enjoyment.

OLIMAS Beauty Point International massage packets and membership cards are
especially soothing for regular guests. OLIMAS clients leave the salon with
one rule:



1. Relax massage                                   -Relax 100%
2. Antistress massage                            -Forget about everything
3. Sport massage                                     -Get your strenght back
4. Shiatsu                                                 -Be back in touch with yourself
5. Royal massage                                     -Double pleasure
6. Volcanic rocks massage                       -Eruption of energy and warmth
7. Aromatherapy                                       -Awake all your senses
8. Chocolate massage                               -Sweetest pleasure
9. Detoxication                                         -Skin as soft silk
10. Anti-Cellulite massage                         -Be slimmer and more attractive
11. Duo massage    
-Pleasure times two
12. Children massage
-Relaxation for the little ones
13. Terapeutic massage                             -Reduce your pain
14. Foot massage                                       -Stimulation of reflex points
15. Leaves massage                                   -Basil peeling massage
16. Honey massage                                     -Honey solution massage
17. Yoghurt massage                                 -Oil and yoghurt relaxation
18. Cucumber massage                             -Feel the power of nature
19. Musical massage                                   -Enjoy some musical vibrations
20. Partial head massage                       -Give your head a rest
21. Partial face massage                           -A smile more beautiful than ever
22. Partial back massage                           -Your back needs some rest
23. Partial palm massage                         -For a gentler touch
24. Partial foot massage                           -A time out for your feet
25. Lymphatic drainage                             -For your health
26. Ayuverda                                               -Eastern tradition
27. Baby massage                                       -They too can enjoy
28. Sea algae massage                               -Health directly from the sea
29. Warm crystals massage                     -Crystals are a positive influence
30. Classic thai                                             -You dont have to go all the way to Thailand

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OLIMAS Beauty Point Serbia - Beauty Point International

Address: Strahinjića Bana 64/3, I I floor, in the centre of Belgrade  
11000 Beograd

If you are doing some business in the centre, you can walk to us from the pedestrian Street Knez Mihailova or Trg Repubike  to Cara Dušana Street and be in 10 minutes in our massage centre. Of course you can arrive to us also by car / taxi or public transport (bus-station or tram-station in Cara Dušana Street) .
E-mail: contact@massage.rs
Tel: +381 11/ 2180 792
+381 61/666 0 111
Working time

365 days in a year daily from 9-23. No free days!

Map and directions:

You can pay in cash or with your credit card. We accept following  credit cards:


Please call us or send an email  we will be happy to assist you and organise a treatment between 30 and 240 minutes.

Special membership cards and discounts for regular users.